Get Technical Support from Ergosofts team of digital printing experts!
With Ergosoft Customer Care contracts, you’ll receive fast hands-on technical support from Ergosofts renowned Customer Care team whenever you need it.
Find the package that is right for you and your business with our tiered support products. Enjoy priority handling of your tickets, guaranteed response time and screen-sharing assistance to resolve any issues you might encounter when printing with the Ergosoft RIP.

Our Services


Scope Free Basic Enhanced Premium
Access to Documentation Portal
Telephone Support (Via call-back, in combination with TeamViewer session only)
E-Mail Support
Hands-on Help: Remote Screen-Sharing Assistance, via TeamViewer
Maximum response time from initial Support Request.
First priority response when Office Hours resume.
8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Fast Access Account for quick remote help
Included training webinar on individual topics 1 Hour per Year included 2 Hours per Year included
Support for configurations with more than 3 printers
Support for Ergosoft Sequoia Feature Pack

Supported Versions

Which versions of the Ergosoft RIP are eligible for Customer Care?


Ergosoft 16 or newer Full Support available, including code-based fixes. In active development.
Ergosoft 15
Last Release 15.6
Discontinued. Limited Support, restricted exclusively to troubleshooting the product as-is. No codebased fixes or updates are available. All Development has been discontinued.
Version 14 and older Legacy. Product is not supported in any capacity.Update is required.


Terms & Conditions

Products Price Details
Free Free Available if software was
purchased via Reseller
Support Agreement – Basic € 695 / $ 695 Annual Fee
Support Agreement – Enhanced € 1295 / $ 1295 Annual Fee
Support Agreement – Premium € 1895 / $ 1895 Annual Fee



What does Ergosoft Support offer?
Ergosoft Support is our Software Support Product for
our users

What does the product offering include?
You’ll be able to enjoying direct, one-on-one support
from our Customer Care Team

What are my support options?
We offer three different levels of paid support:
Basic, Enhanced and Premium

What is going to change for existing customers?
We continue to accept all Enduser Support Requests
via email
Direct interaction with our support agents will
require an active Support Agreement

What if I decline the option to purchase?
For our existing customers and new customers who
purchase our products via one of our Partners, the
Free Level remains free of charge. It offers e-mail
support and access to the Documentation Portal

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