Dealer Demo Dongles / Licenses

Does ErgoSoft provide special dongles and licenses for their dealers? How much does it cost to get such a dongle and license?

Based on the ErgoSoft RIP Retail Partner Level, ErgoSoft offers their resellers a certain number of Dealer Demo Dongles free of charge. Additional Dealer Demo Dongles can be purchased (25 EUR / unit) if needed. All Dealer Demo Dongles are “not for resale” (NFR) and for demonstration, testing or support purposes only. The shipment cost of Dealer Demo Dongles is the responsibility of the ErgoSoft Retail Partner.

How long is the runtime of an ErgoSoft dealer demo license ticket?

ErgoSoft provides license tickets for the Dealer Demo Dongles on a six-month period.

My Dealer Demo License expired. What should I do?

You can always request a new license ticket via Please don’t forget to provide us with the number of your Dealer Demo Dongle (which you can find on the sticker on the front side of the dongle).

How many Dealer Demo Dongles can I get?

The number of Dealer Demo Dongles that ErgoSoft provides free of charge to their Retail Partners depends on the partner level. Additional Dealer Demo Dongles can be purchased at 25 EUR per unit. The shipment cost of Dealer Demo Dongles is the responsibility of the ErgoSoft Retail Partner.


Trial Version

Does ErgoSoft offer a trial version? If yes, how can I get a trial version?

Yes, ErgoSoft offers so-called Evaluation License Tickets. These licenses can be requested through our certified retail partners who are going to provide you with the hardware dongle as well as the corresponding fully featured license ticket. If you aren’t in contact with in ErgoSoft reseller yet, please send an email to so that we can inform you about the ErgoSoft partners in your country.

What’s the purpose of an Evaluation License Ticket?

The Evaluation License Tickets are intended to bridge the time between an order and receiving the final license. They are also designed for testing and evaluating our RIP. They always have all options (meaning “Step & Repeat”, “ColorCombine”, “ColorGPS Profile Editor” and “True Shape Nesting”) and all drivers included.

I’m almost running out of Evaluation License Tickets. Who can I contact for getting new ones?

Please contact and you will receive a new batch of Evaluation License Tickets shortly.

What’s the runtime of an Evaluation License Ticket?

Each Evaluation License Ticket activates a 45-day evaluation period, starting from the day the ErgoSoft RIP software is initially launched. The Evaluation License Ticket is not dedicated to a dongle so you can combine it with whatever dongle from your stock.



How do I know, if my printer is supported by the ErgoSoft RIP?

All supported printers and cutters can be found on the ErgoSoft website.

How can I request to get my printer supported by the ErgoSoft RIP?

Please send a mail to

Which measurement devices are supported by the ErgoSoft RIP?

All supported measurement devices can be found on the ErgoSoft website.


Order Process

How do I order the ErgoSoft RIP? Which information are required to raise an order?

Orders need to consist at least of the product description (“JobComposer Essential” or “JobComposer Production”), the requested driver model and the quantity. We only accept written orders.

How should I put together my ErgoSoft RIP license? Which are the different components (JobComposer, Driver, Options)?
  1. You always have to purchase the RIP software package (incl. the hardware dongle).


  1. As to the “JobComposer” part, you have the choice between two “JobComposer” editions, the “JobComposer Essential” (our entry level product) and the “JobComposer Production” (for more complex and production oriented workflows).


  1. Once you have chosen the “JobComposer” edition, you have to add the driver (incl. one PrintClient) for the printer which you want to run with the RIP.

(Note: You can always find the corresponding level of the different printer drivers on our website under the “Supported Devices” section:


  1. Additionally, you can complete our RIP with the following optional features: “ColorGPS Profile Editior”, “Step & Repeat”, “ColorCombine” and “TrueShape Nesting”.


Updates & Upgrades

Which version(s) can be updated to Version 15?

Updates to Version 15 are available for Version 14 licenses only.

How to update from a previous version to Version 15?

Please visit to register your current ErgoSoft RIP for an update to Version 15 or send an email to

The update registration requires the dongle number (starting with PP…) as well as the name of the printer / cutter model(s) which you would like to run.

If I’m updating to Version 15, what will happen to the options which I purchased in a previous version?

Purchased options for Version 14 will be added to the Version 15 product free of charge.

Can I upgrade an “ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Essential” to an” ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Production”?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade the “JobComposer Essential” to a ”JobComposer Production”.

Please send an email to or contact your ErgoSoft retail partner for more information.

I just recently purchased a Version 14 license. Do I now need to buy again a Version 15?

The grace period for Version 15 started with FESPA 2016. From 8th March, 2016 on, all newly purchased Version 14 licenses were entitled for a grace period update to Version 15 free of charge.

This time limited Version 15 grace period ended on 24th February, 2017.

I just recently purchased a new option for my Version 14 license. Do I get the update to Version 15 at a lower price?

The grace period offer applies only to newly purchased licenses and does not include upgrades or additional options.


RIP Software Configuration

How many printers can I run simultaneously?

The number of printers which you can run with an ErgoSoft RIP is unlimited. But you have to buy the driver (incl. one PrintClient) for each printer which you would like to drive.

How many cutters can I run simultaneously?

“Cut Basic” allows to run up to four (4) CutClients for cutters of the basic level at the same time.

Can I order the features which are included in the “JobComposer Production” but not in the “JobComposer Essential” individually for my “JobComposer Essential”?

The features which are included in the “JobComposer Production” but not in the “JobComposer Essential” (e.g. Colorbooks, Production Features, HotFolder, etc.) can’t be purchased separately.

Is a “JobComposer Essential” enough for me or should I buy a “JobComposer Production”?

This depends on the applications which you are doing and the features which you might need. The “JobComposer Essential” is our entry level product, while the “JobComposer Production” is designated for more complex and production oriented workflows.

How many colors can I profile with the ColorGPS Profiler?

The ErgoSoft ColorGPS Profiler is a color profile creation tool which creates color profiles for RGB and CMYK+4 color printers.

Where can I look up the level a printer driver is corresponding to?

You can find the corresponding level of the different printer drivers on our website under the “Supported Devices” section:


Trainings & Workshops

How can I participate in an ErgoSoft training or workshop?

You can register for an ErgoSoft training on our website directly. ErgoSoft offers basic trainings, advanced training courses and special color management trainings and workshops. If ever you have any particular training requests, please just send an email to

Is ErgoSoft offering specific trainings or workshops?

ErgoSoft offers different kinds of trainings and workshops – both for our retail partners and for end users.

The trainings can take place in one of our premises as well as at the customers’ sites.

Please contact for more detailed information about the content and prices.



I received a license ticket by email. How can I activate it?

There are two ways to open the CodeMeter License Central Web Depot to transfer your license to your CodeMeter license dongle.

  • Go to and enter your ticket number. You can find the ticket number in the email. It is the alphanumeric number at the end of the link (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
  • Or click the ticket URL in the ErgoSoft License Ticket.


Then follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the activation.

Can I upgrade from one driver level to another?

An upgrade from one driver level to another is not possible.

Can I return a driver which I purchased but don’t need anymore?

It is not possible to return a driver nor an additional PrintClient.

Can I exchange an existing driver for another?

It is not possible to exchange a driver for another (same, lower or higher level).

When do I need to order an “Additional PrintClient” for the same level x driver? What does that mean?

“Additional PrintClient” means one more output station for an identical driver which has already been purchased.

If you e. g. want to run two or more identical printers from one workstation, you only have to purchase the driver (incl. one PrintClient) once. For the other device(s), buying the “Additional PrintClient for the same level X driver” is enough.

Do I absolutely need a hardware dongle or is there a softdongle version / a version without dongle existing as well?

For security reasons, there is no softdongle or dongle-free version existing for Version 15.

How do I update the firm code of my dongle?

The v.2008 and Version 14 Wibu dongles can be used for Version 15, as long as they have been updated to the latest firmware.After you plugged in the dongle a new icon appears – the “CodeMeter Control Center”. There you can click on the rounded arrow button to update the firmware.

Which operating systems are supported by the ErgoSoft RIP?

Version 15 of the ErgoSoft RIP supports the following operating systems: Windows 7 Home 32 and 64Bit as well as Windows 7 Premium 32 and 64 Bit, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.



Does ErgoSoft offer any trade-ins for other, competitor RIP software?

Competitive upgrade (“Crossgrade”) discounts may be available for customers who are switching from a recent version of a competitor product to our RIP software.

Please contact us to find out which competitive upgrade level applies to the product from which you / your customer is converting.

To qualify for this offer, the competitor software (dongle and installation CD/DVD/file) must be sent to us. In addition, we require the version number, year of purchase, and the serial number (dongle or CD/DVD). ErgoSoft will make the final determination if the competitor’s version is qualified for a competitive upgrade.

What happens, if a customer has lost his dongle?

In case of lost or stolen dongles, a new license must be purchased.

What happens, if a customer has lost his dongle?

In case of lost or stolen dongles, a new license must be purchased.

What’s the use of ordering stock packages?

In order to smooth your order process and the way of reselling our RIP software to your customers, we recommend to always purchase a certain amount of stock packages instead of single dongles with each of your license orders.

Ordering some stock packages is advantageous regarding the shipping costs, and it makes you also more flexible in providing the product to your customers.

Where can I buy the ErgoSoft RIP?

ErgoSoft has a large global network of certified retail partners where you can buy our RIP software from.

If you need any help to find a suitable ErgoSoft reseller in your country, please contact

What is the price of the ErgoSoft RIP?

The price of the ErgoSoft RIP software depends on the configuration and features you might need. The price consists of the “JobComposer” edition you choose, the driver(s) you need and possible options you add.

How can I become an ErgoSoft Retail Partner? What are my rights? What are my duties?

Our commitment is to provide our partners with the tools and training necessary to effectively promote and profit from the sale of ErgoSoft RIP solutions.

Therefore, the participation in a certifying ErgoSoft RIP software training is mandatory to become an ErgoSoft RIP retail partner. The initial training itself is free of charge, if you are coming to one of our training locations and you only have to cover your travel expenses, meal and accommodation costs.

After having participated in this certifying training, you are officially qualified as an authorized ErgoSoft reseller and we will provide you with a NFR (not for resale) dealer demo dongle with a fully featured dealer demo license so that you are able to do tests as well as demos to your customers.

1st level customer support (end user support) is the responsibility of the ErgoSoft retail partner. ErgoSoft provides the retail partners with 2nd and 3rd level support via email, phone and remote control, if needed.