ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer – A universal Powerhouse for Digital Printing

ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer – A universal Powerhouse for Digital Printing

That the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer module represents the most flexible and feature rich job-layout tool in the RIP Software industry is widely known. The RIP Solution from ErgoSoft manages to combine established tools with new features like no other, creating a fitting solution for just about any application.

Add to that the ErgoSoft RIP “JobComposer Production”, containing the options “Step&Repeat” and “ColorCombine”, and you have a solution that is sure to delight any designer.

As can be seen in the following video, patterns are recolored, repeated, set into sewing patterns and printed in a flash- all without leaving the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer.



Besides the masking features contained in the “JobComposer Production” package and the optionally available “Step&Repeat” function, the “ColorCombine” option plays a crucial role in this example.

This lean coloring tool impresses with a clever selection of base functions for efficient In-RIP coloring. Color separatered patterns with up to 32 color layers (Typical for many traditional printing industries) can be colored and arranged directly in the JobComposer and simulated into screenprinting patterns and gradation curves if needed. Reference patches of colors used for each patterns can be printed along with with the actual repeat at the press of a button. Regardless if it’s for patterning of designs, reproduction of conventionally printed materials or for a fully digital production, “ColorCombine” makes the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer the definitive universal powerhouse and unleashes the advantages of Inkjet-technology, such as the incredibly fine color variations to their full potential.


南京華承為數碼科技有限公司 – ErgoSoft的認證中國分銷商, 於二零一七年八月二十五日及二十六日  開創了數碼打印體驗中心,為客戶舉辦了一次交流會。 該體驗中心旨在為客戶提供數碼打印行業的專業支援,尤其是如匆使用ErgoSoft RIP軟件令數碼打印更完美。

我們的亞洲支援經理吳翔偉先生出席了交流會,並向各行業的學員,例如: 照相工作室,紡織印染廠,照相紙廠家,打印機生產商等介紹了RIP軟件的理論基礎。會議組織者以及所有學員在活動結束後組成了線上聊天組。並繼續討論,以提高他們在使用ErgoSoft RIP軟體方面的知識,瞭解和技能。 這是一個成功的實驗,為來自不同領域的用戶構建一個平臺,他們分享了他們在使用RIP的應用程式上的問題和經驗。

ErgoSoft at Munich Fabric Start

ErgoSoft RIP as part of the Microfactory at Munich Fabric Start


ErgoSoft is proud to be a part of the “MICROFACTORY” at MUNICH FABRIC START.

Please come by hall 5 and experience all steps of a fully networked and integrated production workflow from the design to the finished product.


We are looking forward to your visit!

New Chinese Language Application Notes available!

The following Application Notes for the ErgoSoft RIP Software are now available in both Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional:


Color Management in ErgoSoft RIP / ErgoSoft RIP 的颜色管理 / ErgoSoft RIP 的色彩管理

Configuring Dot Size Usage / 配置可变点用途 / 配置可變點用途

Print Environments / 打印环境 / 打印環境


The Application Notes can be downloaded by logging into the “My Account” Area of and going to Downloads/Application Notes. For easy access to the respective language Versions, simply filter by either “Chinese Traditional” or “Chinese Simplified” using the Dropdown menu “Language”

ErgoSoft RIP版本15 ErgoSoft True Shape Nesting – 現可訂購

ErgoSoft True Shape Nesting功能使ErgoSoft RIP版本15用戶平均減少40%的介面浪費。 直觀和強大的選項通過根據實際形狀重新排列圖像來改善每個作業的多圖像的排列。

– 選擇旋轉
– 填補空位
– 設定每個對象的份數
– 設定圖象之間的空間
– 使用 (Automatic Bleed Generation) 方法記錄打印生產流程

要了解更多有關新的“ErgoSoft True Shape Nesting”功能,請查看此視頻:

現在可以使用新的“ErgoSoft True Shape Nesting”作為ErgoSoft RIP版本15的一個選項,並完全集成到JobComposer中。


我們很高興地宣布,ErgoSoft RIP軟件的版本14(和版本15(的新的常規版本現已在“我的帳戶”部分中提供。


隨著這個定期發布,新的“ErgoSoft True Shape Nesting”現在可以作為ErgoSoft RIP版本15的選項。

ErgoSoft at FESPA 2017

We are happy to announce that just in time for FESPA 2017, ErgoSoft is proud to present the next wave of new features and enhancements.
With the release of the “distributed version”, a RGB profile converter, Network Licensing and a True Shape Nesting feature, we continue our mission to deliver productive, easy to use applications for today’s digital print supplier.

The “distributed version” is designed for multi printer and multi computer environments. In combination with the newly integrated network licensing ability, the new edition provides full, network wide production control and a most flexible production environment for every size and complexity of distributed, any to any configurations. The ability to separate the different applications such as JobComposer, RIPServer and PrintClients into Composing- or Output-Stations will help to streamline production workflows by making the necessary features available exactly where required.

The new RGB profile converter allows to convert even multicolor output profiles into RGB profiles and use them directly in their graphic editing software what opens up a variety of new composing workflows to our users.

True Shape Nesting enables ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 users to reduce their media waste in average by 40%. The intuitive and powerful option improves the arrangement of multiple images per job by rearranging the images based on their actual shape.

For more information, please just come by our booth in hall A1, booth # E33.

ErgoSoft at TexProcess Frankfurt 2017

ErgoSoft is proud to be a part of the “Digital Textile Micro Factory” at Texprocess in Frankfurt (hall 6, booth # B57).

The companies being a part of the “Digital Textile Micro Factory” booth will showcase all steps of an integrated production, from the design through digital printing, automated cutting and serial manufacturing to the finished product.

ErgoSoft is in particular focusing on the color-accurate processing of all common file formats, highest color fidelity due to an integrated density linearization and its own ColorGPS profiler as well as the quality control in parallel with the production at various locations with Caddon’s Can:View.

*Please note that the Video is only available in German at this time.

Visitors of this special booth will have the possibility to participate in guided tours to get an impression of the different companies and products as well as the complete process.

A fully digital production process offers a number of future-oriented opportunities for a flexible and efficient production of customized goods.


ErgoSoft supports Fresh Artists Program to bring Art Supplies to Children

ErgoSoft Americas is proud to support a non profit organization here in the United States called Fresh Artists. Fresh Artists was founded in 2008 out of the necessity to keep art alive in underfunded public schools. They do this by engaging the children who donate the use of their art for large-scale installations in unexpected places such as in the board rooms of Fortune 100 companies. These companies then donate funds to support the purchase of art supplies and to generate innovative art programming in public schools.

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Adapt ErgoSoft RIP Version 14 Print Environment Settings in Version 15

Even with all the Improvements to tools, workflow and ColorManagement that the ErgoSoft RIP 15 provides, consistency in output is important for many users. While we are confident that the new default settings of Version 15 provide improvements in many areas, ErgoSoft understands that matching colors of older production jobs and ensuring consistent colors can be an important part of daily printing business.

To help users transition from Version 14 to ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 we have created a video on how to adapt your Version 15 settings to more closely match the default configuration of Version 14 and ensure consistent color output when upgrading to our newest RIP.