Ergosoft RIP Spring 2024 Release now available.

We are excited to announce a significant update to our Ergosoft RIP Print Production Suite, including the ColorQPC and SwatchMatcher modules.

The Spring 2024 Release introduces new functionalities and enhancements to elevate color accuracy, compliance with industry standards, and overall performance in print production environments.
Our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients’ success is reflected in the availability of the new release to all users enrolled in an active 2024 Maintenance and Support program. This program ensures that our clients have access to the latest features and support services,

New Features in ColorQPC:

The latest revision of ColorQPC introduces a new main mode, Predict, which offers users unprecedented capabilities in forecasting color accuracy, both within and outside company color books, and simulating quality standards. This addition complements the revised Measure, Compare, Monitor, and Analyze modules, further empowering users to ensure color fidelity and compliance with industry standards. Process control presets are updated to align with ISO 12647-2 / ISO 12647-7 requirements, and measurement chart geometries now incorporate the latest measuring devices. The reports were expanded to include more critical metrics, providing deeper insights into color performance.

SwatchMatcher’s Innovative Improve Module:

SwatchMatcher has been enhanced with the Measure and Improve mode. This groundbreaking feature allows users to quickly refine the color accuracy of a SwatchBook or company color standard for specific printer profiles through intelligent iterations of printing and measuring. The new mode creates a Named Colors profile, significantly enhancing color-matching accuracy for the chosen print environment. Detailed reports document the color-matching improvements achieved through each iteration, offering a transparent view of progress and outcomes.

Enhancements for SwatchBook Creation and DTG/DTF Processes:

Updates to the SwatchBook creation process include a new Generate Colorbooks function, saving print layouts for easy reprinting, and introducing an efficient swatch naming scheme.
For direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) processes, enhancements include improved white data generation with X/Y pixel distortion compensation and faster print layer generation methods, supported by enhanced multithreading and a new Fast Mode option.

Performance Improvements Across the Board:

Our latest update optimizes performance-sensitive operations, such as HotFolder job submission and template filling, and improves the handling of Efficiency Cores in newer Intel® Core™ processors.

Updated Driver Library:

With over 60+ updates on our driver library, the Spring 2024 release shows our commitment to ensuring our clients have access to the latest and most innovative solutions.

We wish you Happy Printing with Ergosoft!

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