Fill Shapes “On-the-Fly”

Version 15 offers two features that can be combined to fill shapes “on the fly” with patterns.

The well-known sophisticated feature “Step&Repeat” for repeating small designs to form large patterns without visible gaps between the patterns has been improved for Version 15. It now

  • has been added to the “Image Properties” so that it can be activated after having imported the image.
  • supports all supported image file types including vector file types like EPS and PDF.

The new MASK feature allows creating images that serve as a so-called mask by providing just the (filled) shape that defines the area of the image of pattern underneath that will be printed. The MASK feature also supports all supported image types including vector file types like EPS and PDF.

The configuration of the MASK feature includes inverting the covered area, repeating the mask to fill the area covered by the image underneath, scaling the mask, shifting the mask and others.

Combing these two features allows you to

  • fill the needed area with your already prepared design pattern using the “Step&Repeat” property while composing your job.
  • add your prepared shape design using the “Mask” property and configure it according to your needs.



Note: When adding another vector file with a cut line and using the enhanced layer mode that includes defining the position of the layer (front, back, etc.) contour cutting can be added to the shape filling.