New SwatchMatcher Improve Module available in the Ergosoft RIP Spring 2024 Release

Ergosoft unveils a significant innovation of the Ergosoft RIP Spring 2024 Release – the introduction of the SwatchMatcher Improve module. This cutting-edge addition to the Ergosoft RIP software suite offers unprecedented accuracy for SwatchBooks and company color standards explicitly tailored to your printer profiles. 

Enhancing Color Precision with SwatchMatcher Improve 

The SwatchMatcher Improve module is designed to refine the color-matching process through intelligent iterations of printing and measuring. This process culminates in creating a Named Colors profile that significantly enhances color-matching accuracy within the selected Print Environment. Each iteration’s progress is meticulously documented in detailed reports, giving users transparent insights into the improvements. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

SwatchMatcher Improve transforms the workflow in many scenarios. Whether dealing with various substrates or print modes under a generic printer profile or seeking to enhance the color accuracy of well-established profiles, this module streamlines the color-matching process to remarkable simplicity and precision. 

Broad Applications: 

  • For Generic Printer Profile Users: This is ideal for scenarios where creating individual linearizations and profiles for each substrate or print mode is impractical. SwatchMatcher Improve allows for accurate spot color matching without necessitating a new output profile. 
  • Enhancing Existing Profiles: Even when starting with a solid accuracy foundation, SwatchMatcher Improve can significantly enhance spot color matching, outperforming standard ICC profiling capabilities. 

Demonstrating Real-World Impact 

A compelling example of SwatchMatcher Improve’s capabilities is illustrated in a case where a SwatchBook, printed with a generic profile and exhibiting an average delta E (dE) of 6.5, saw its color accuracy dramatically improved to an average dE of 2.2 after just two iterations with SwatchMatcher Improve. 

Forward-Thinking Technologies 

The introduction of SwatchMatcher Improve underscores Ergosoft’s commitment to advancing digital printing technology. This module achieves superior color accuracy and makes the process accessible and streamlined for all users, from professional color consultants to operators. 

The Spring 2024 Release of Ergosoft RIP, featuring the SwatchMatcher Improve module, sets a new benchmark in color-matching precision, ensuring that Ergosoft users remain at the forefront of digital printing technology. 

About Ergosoft 

Ergosoft is a leading provider of digital printing software solutions, committed to delivering innovative printing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital printing industry. 

We wish you Happy Printing with Ergosoft!

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