Mimaki Inspiration Cup

Our retail partner SICO POLSKA organizes, in cooperation with Mimaki, Flexa Cutter and Monti Antonio calander, the Mimaki Inspiration Cup. The event is taking place in six different cities in Poland and includes the following program sessions: Conferences, workshops and kart racings.

ErgoSoft supports this event as a sponsor and wishes SICO Polska: Good luck!

More information and photos of the past events can be found here: http://www.mimakicup.pl/

ErgoSoft Roland Edition supports the new Texart Fluor Inks

ErgoSoft can proudly announce that the ErgoSoft Roland Edition supports the new Texart Fluor inks.

The fluorescent inks for the Roland Texart XT-640 and Texart RT-640 in the colors yellow and pink are immediately available. In combination with the normal process inks, hundreds of new colors can be generated which are not possible with standard processes. This an important point at the moment as more and more sport brands uses fluorescent colors.

To simplify the work, Roland DG offers a Fluor Color Library compatible with CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. The ErgoSoft Roland Edition, which is delivered with the Texart printers, provides a simple and efficient way to add the Fluor inks to any output using the Roland DG’s Fluor color library.

For more information about the new ink and the Roland textile printers Texart RT-640 and Texart XT-640, we would like to refer you to the website of Roland DG: http://www.rolanddg.de/en/roland-world/news/roland-dg-introduces-fluorescent-ink-its-texart-dye-sublimation-printing-solution

Dynamic Preview for Spot Color Replacement

The ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 now supports the listing of all spot colors of EPS and PDF file formats directly within the JobComposer.

Upon loading of such an image into the JobComposer, within the image properties pane, you will have the possibility to click on “Replace Colors” and the “Show Colors” button. The Software will then automatically detect all the custom spot colors and list them accordingly.

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A fresh new look

The first thing which catches the eye in the ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 is the overall revised look and feel of the graphical user interface. Due to the recent high popularity of minimalistic design in software interfaces, ErgoSoft decided to jump on the train and apply this design idea to the new ErgoSoft RIP Version 15.

The icons have been redesigned from scratch to meet the criteria of a design which plays to the strengths of a digital interface. The focus was to create a more streamlined, efficient and user-centric user experience. This is achieved by using flat colors, simple elements and typography.

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Fill Shapes “On-the-Fly”

Version 15 offers two features that can be combined to fill shapes “on the fly” with patterns.

The well-known sophisticated feature “Step&Repeat” for repeating small designs to form large patterns without visible gaps between the patterns has been improved for Version 15. It now

  • has been added to the “Image Properties” so that it can be activated after having imported the image.
  • supports all supported image file types including vector file types like EPS and PDF.
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