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With ErgoStream, we are launching a print automation platform to enable users to connect their webshop or custom order source to Ergosoft 16 in no time. ErgoStream features a powerful Web API and a clever Print Product Manager to make print automation available to almost everyone.

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HP Soft Signage Webinar with Ergosoft

Get set to win big with reliable end-to-end soft signage workflow technology solutions.

Meet HP and experts from Ergosoft, Klieverik and Summa, to gain smart insights on how to optimise your complete workflow. Also, don’t forget to bring along all your questions and queries.

You are invited to this Webinar of industry powerhouses to help you expand your business in new directions.

Turn heads with easy soft signage
July 15 | 11:00 CET

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Introducing ErgoLytics

Ergosoft is excited to announce the launch of the ErgoLytics AddOn for production cost monitoring.

ErgoLytics lets you view data and statistics of your print production and summarizes relevant information for you. See your production costs summarized and broken down to the individual job, view statistics and trends on your processed jobs and search your job history with versatile tools. With ErgoLytics, all your production data is at your fingertips!

During its one-year Early Access phase, ErgoLytics is freely available to interested users until it is launched officially in May 2022 and enters an annual subscription model.

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Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – “A winning combination!”


Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – “A winning combination!”

With the successful HP certification for the HP Latex 700/800 series, Ergosoft 16 is a powerful solution for HP Latex 700/800 users who are looking for a clever software solution to move their production processes to the next level.

Download “Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – A winning combination” PDF. 



Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex

“Our software, especially the visual JobComposer in combination with the advanced White Channel features and a superior Sandwich Mode, is the perfect fit to activate the full potential of the HP Latex 700 and 800 series.”

Andy Brunner, Head of Ergosoft RIP Development


Ergosoft & HP

“We are thankful for our exceptional partnership with HP and are proud of the fantastic results we could achieve together in these challenging times.”

Anna Tobler, CEO

For more information, contact your regional Ergosoft dealer or reach out to us directly.

Ergosoft Roland DG Edition Free Upgrade Period extended!

To help alleviate the difficulties many customers are facing due to COVID-19, the free upgrade period for older versions of the Ergosoft Roland DG Edition RIP will be extended until January 31st, 2021. Customers with older Ergosoft Roland DG Edition installations may take advantage of this period to upgrade to the latest version Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3 free of charge and enjoy new features for the textile market as well as further improvements for better performance, efficiency and print quality.


If you haven’t made the jump yet, now is the time to implement one of the leading RIP solutions in the textile market! Just visit and start your free upgrade process immediately!


Read the announcement of Roland DG here.