A fresh new look

The first thing which catches the eye in the ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 is the overall revised look and feel of the graphical user interface. Due to the recent high popularity of minimalistic design in software interfaces, ErgoSoft decided to jump on the train and apply this design idea to the new ErgoSoft RIP Version 15.

The icons have been redesigned from scratch to meet the criteria of a design which plays to the strengths of a digital interface. The focus was to create a more streamlined, efficient and user-centric user experience. This is achieved by using flat colors, simple elements and typography. The consequence of these design rules means getting rid of shadows, 3D elements, reflections and using sharp edges. All these points make sure that everything is clear, easy to understand and, most importantly, not bloated. The idea was to keep the design simple and put an emphasize on usability. This allows the user to quickly find the necessary information while the simple design itself, still being a pleasure for the eye. The application look as well the accent color of the software itself can be changed to the users preferences. Overall it can be said that the ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 has received a fresh new look, which will meet the requirements of a modern graphical user interface.