Ergosoft 16 Minor Release is now available

We are pleased to announce that the next Minor Release Version of Ergosoft 16 is now available.


The (64-bit) and (32-bit) installers as well as the corresponding Changelog can be downloaded directly via our new Documentation Portal.


Please find hereafter a selection of new tools which have been added to this release:


New Features

  • Graytuner: This new Profile Editor feature lets you customize the tint of the gray axis for any generated printer profile.
  • Job Package: Export Job files, all all relevant files and an automatically generated JobTicket into a new external folder.

Enhanced Features

  • JobTicket:The JobTicket has been reworked and enhanced.
  • AddOns and Job Elements: The Image Add-Ons and generated Job Elements of the JobComposer have been updated and enhanced.
  • JobComposer: Copy & pasting images between jobs is now possible.
  • Queues: Queue Tabs in JobComposer, QueueManager, the Print and CutQueues now show the number of jobs listed in each queue tab.
  • Color Management: Added new industry standard input profiles.