Ergosoft RIP Spring 2024 Release: Introducing Predict Mode for ColorQPC

Ergosoft is pleased to announce the Spring 2024 release of Ergosoft RIP, marked by significant enhancements to the ColorQPC module. This update introduces the innovative Predict mode, a sophisticated feature that provides unparalleled color accuracy and quality standard simulations for print service providers. 

Highlighted ColorQPC Features of the Spring 2024 Release: 

  • Predict Mode: This new mode offers advanced color forecasting and simulations capabilities, setting a new standard for precision in color management. 
  • Enhanced Measure & Compare Mode: This mode has improved functionality and offers increased accuracy and ensures compliance with the latest industry standards. 
  • Upgraded Monitor & Analyze Mode: Users will benefit from more detailed tracking and analysis of color quality trends, enabling better oversight of print quality over time. 
  • ISO Compliance: The Spring 2024 release updates process controls and measurement chart geometries, ensuring full compliance with the most current ISO standards for color management. 
  • Revamped Reports: The updated reports provide more comprehensive insights with additional key figures, aiding in the detailed assessment of color performance. 

These updates are part of Ergosoft’s commitment to advancing Quality and Process Control in the print production industry. They are included in Ergosoft RIP 17, 2024 Edition, the latest version of our print production suite designed to meet the needs of today’s print service providers. The Spring 2024 release is now available to all Ergosoft users enrolled in an active 2024 Maintenance and Support program at no additional charge. 

Ergosoft remains dedicated to supporting our clients’ success through continuous innovation and superior customer service. We invite you to optimize your color accuracy and quality with these latest enhancements. 

We wish you Happy Printing with Ergosoft!

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