Improved User Interface. Enhanced Production & Workflow.

With a focus on refinements and improvements related to user interaction with the product, we made basic features more intuitive, and advanced features more accessible.

Ergosoft 16 is a more complete production and workflow suite, with an emphasis on making the job of the RIP operator more efficient.



 + Simplified User Interface

+ Easier access to more


 + Revamped “Job
Cost” function

+ New CostManager dialog

+ Cost estimation
directly within the job

 + Assign complete SwatchBooks for
automatic Spot Color Replacement

+ Use Tolerance Values for Color

+ Job layout automation
with new JobPresets

+ Reinvented PrintQueue

+ New QueueManager

Update Path Version 15




Update Path Version 14

Last Call for Version 14 Users Until End of April 2020



Limited Update Period
With the release of Ergosoft 16, the update paths for Version 14 will be discontinued soon. This is your last chance to update to Ergosoft 16.

Special “last call” update rates
Benefit from special “last call” update rates for Version 14 licenses and update your PosterPrint or TexPrint version to Ergosoft 16.

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