ErgoSoft RIP 軟件通過 HP新Z系列DesignJet打印機認證

ErgoSoft熱烈地宣布我們已取得新的HP DesignJet Z6和Z9打印機系列的認證。

通過HP RIP認證計劃,HP DesignJet Z6和Z9系列打印機用戶可以確信ErgoSoft RIP軟件 的解決方案可提供非凡的打印表現,以及為這幾款打印機提供一體化及兼容性。 HP DesignJet Z6,Z6dr,Z9,Z9dr,T1700和T1700dr的打印機驅動現適用於ErgoSoft RIP版本15和Sequoia (網絡版),用戶可以通過我們認證的零售合作夥伴直接購買。

請即購買ErgoSoft RIP 軟件為新的HP DesignJet Z打印機系列提供完備的打印支持以突出顯示打印機的高質量照片輸出,並提高工作流程效率和色彩準確性。


Roland RF-640 8C bundled with the ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 SPECIAL PLUS in EMEA

ErgoSoft is proud to announce a further milestone in the cooperation with Roland DG:
In addition to the successful bundle with the Roland Texart series, the new Roland RF-640 8C printer is now including the ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 SPECIAL PLUS RIP as a package offer tailored to the specialized applications of this multi-color solvent printer.

Since 16th October 2018, the Roland VersaEXPRESS RF-640 8C is available across the EMEA region (= Europe, Middle East, North Africa and India).


The RF-640 8 Color eco-solvent printer features CMYK plus Light Black, Red, Green and Orange ink to deliver impressive quality prints and accurate color matching capabilities, and is ideal for both, outdoor and indoor applications.

The dedicated ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 SPECIAL PLUS RIP software ensure consistent quality output, improves color accuracy and provides an intuitive interface as well as an intelligent workflow for highest level of productivity.

ErgoSoft RIP Sequoia Minor Release available now

We are pleased to announce that the new ErgoSoft RIP Sequoia Minor Release – Revision C is now available in the “My Account” section.


The following installation files can be downloaded:

  • ErgoSoft RIP Sequoia (32-bit)
  • ErgoSoft RIP Sequoia (64-bit)


All changes and fixes can be found in the corresponding Changelog.

Latest Microsoft Windows Security Updates

The latest Windows Security Updates, which have been deployed by Microsoft solved potential COM errors for all ErgoSoft RIP versions including earlier ones.

The specific Windows Security Updates of concern and which resolve the issues are in the range of KB4074587 – KB4074598.

Your color with ErgoSoft: accurate – adjustable – pure – vibrant

With the new «Color Tools» for the ErgoSoft RIP Version 15, you get access to ­five powerful features to fully control your color output.

Job Gradation Curves

Adjust Job Gradation Curves to tune the output of a complete job on the ­fly. This gives you the benefit to access the whole printer color space including all color channels.

 Black Point Architect

Easily select your preferred black and print it with the new Black Point Architect through the ICC profile.


 Preview Pro­file Generator

Generate RGB profiles from multicolor profiles to use them as soft proof profile in your design software while keeping full control over your color management process.

Named Color Finder & Editor

Easily identify best matching Named Colors in your library and execute powerful bulk

adjustments to improve results.


Pro­file Editor – Multicolor Enhancements

Gain full control over the usage of additional profile channels for most brilliant results. Boost the usage of additional profile channels for bright results and control usage of additional profile channels in light and dark colors.


Free access for ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 users

Update to ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 now



From November 27th to 30th, ErgoSoft is exhibiting at SHANGHAITEX 2017.

Please come by hall W5 booth G01 and see our new Color Tools for the ErgoSoft RIP Version 15: Job Gradation Curves, Black Point Architect, Preview Profile Generator, Named Color Finder & Editor, Profile Editor – Multicolor Enhancements


We are looking forward to your visit!

New Patch Release available now

We are pleased to announce that the new Patch Release Version 15 ( of the ErgoSoft RIP Software is now available in the “My Account” section.


The following installation files can be downloaded:

– ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 (32-bit)

– ErgoSoft RIP Version 15 (64-bit)

– ErgoSoft RIP Sequoia (32-bit)


This Patch Release comes with a couple of new and interesting color features (like “Job Gradation Curves”, the “Black Point Architect”, a new advanced parameter for Additional Profile Channels under ColorGPS, “Named Colors Finder and Editor” and the “Preview Profile Generator”) as well as a large amount of new drivers.

ErgoSoft at Mimaki School in Krakow, Poland

ErgoSoft was part of the “Mimaki School” in Krakow last week. This training cycle is organized by our certified reseller in Poland – SICO – and we are proud to be one of the official partners of this series of events.

The “Mimaki School” tours all Poland, addresses production specialists, graphic designers, marketers as well as managers in the digital printing industry and aims to raise the professional qualifications of the attendees, to exchange knowledge and skills between printer and software engineers, manufacturers, and professionals from Poland and Europe as well as media, art and science representatives.

ErgoSoft was giving a lecture to teach the participants what a RIP software is and why it’s beneficial to use our RIP for your color management and production workflow.


ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer – A universal Powerhouse for Digital Printing

ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer – A universal Powerhouse for Digital Printing

That the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer module represents the most flexible and feature rich job-layout tool in the RIP Software industry is widely known. The RIP Solution from ErgoSoft manages to combine established tools with new features like no other, creating a fitting solution for just about any application.

Add to that the ErgoSoft RIP “JobComposer Production”, containing the options “Step&Repeat” and “ColorCombine”, and you have a solution that is sure to delight any designer.

As can be seen in the following video, patterns are recolored, repeated, set into sewing patterns and printed in a flash- all without leaving the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer.



Besides the masking features contained in the “JobComposer Production” package and the optionally available “Step&Repeat” function, the “ColorCombine” option plays a crucial role in this example.

This lean coloring tool impresses with a clever selection of base functions for efficient In-RIP coloring. Color separatered patterns with up to 32 color layers (Typical for many traditional printing industries) can be colored and arranged directly in the JobComposer and simulated into screenprinting patterns and gradation curves if needed. Reference patches of colors used for each patterns can be printed along with with the actual repeat at the press of a button. Regardless if it’s for patterning of designs, reproduction of conventionally printed materials or for a fully digital production, “ColorCombine” makes the ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer the definitive universal powerhouse and unleashes the advantages of Inkjet-technology, such as the incredibly fine color variations to their full potential.


南京华承为数码科技有限公司 – ErgoSoft的认证中国分销商, 于二零一七年八月二十五日及二十六日开创了数码打印体验中心,为客户举办了一次交流会。 该体验中心旨在为客户提供数码打印行业的专业支持,尤其是如何使用ErgoSoft RIP软件令数码打印更完美。

我们的亚洲支持经理吴翔伟先生出席了交流会,并向各行业的学员,例如: 照相工作室,纺织印染厂,照相纸厂家,打印机生产商等介绍了RIP软件的理论基础。会议组织者以及所有学员在活动结束后组成了在线聊天组。并继续讨论,以提高他们在使用ErgoSoft RIP软件方面的知识,了解和技能。 这是一个成功的实验,为来自不同领域的用户构建一个平台,他们分享了他们在使用RIP的应用程序的问题和经验。