Migrating or Backing up your ErgoSoft RIP Installation:

Sometimes you might want to back up your ErgoSoft RIP Installation for emergencies in case you need to restore your setting after a hard drive failure. Or you might want to migrate you installation to another system and are looking for the easiest way to transfer your settings to a new installation or different computer.

Click “Read More” to find a step by step guide on how to backup or migrate your ErgoSoft RIP system settings.


Duplicating a Print Environment

You may sometimes want to create a new Print Environment with the same print settings as one you already use.  This can be useful when profiling a range of media with similar characteristics or if you just want to make changes to a Print Environment without altering the original version. The process is quite easy, simply click “Read More” and follow these steps to duplicate an existing Print Environment.


Startup Manager

The ErgoSoft RIP Startup Manager allows you to configure which components of the RIP are launched automatically on Windows startup and features related to RIP server performance.


In Version 15 of ErgoSoft RIP, the Startup Manager is launched automatically with Windows and should be running at all times that the RIP is operating to ensure RIP servers and other critical background components are also running.