Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – “A winning combination!”


Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – “A winning combination!”

With the successful HP certification for the HP Latex 700/800 series, Ergosoft 16 is a powerful solution for HP Latex 700/800 users who are looking for a clever software solution to move their production processes to the next level.

Download “Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex – A winning combination” PDF. 



Ergosoft 16 & HP Latex

“Our software, especially the visual JobComposer in combination with the advanced White Channel features and a superior Sandwich Mode, is the perfect fit to activate the full potential of the HP Latex 700 and 800 series.”

Andy Brunner, Head of Ergosoft RIP Development


Ergosoft & HP

“We are thankful for our exceptional partnership with HP and are proud of the fantastic results we could achieve together in these challenging times.”

Anna Tobler, CEO

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